5 Steps To Prioritise Your Energy

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How are you replenishing your energy? Is your to-do list never ending? Do you go to bed worrying about what you haven’t achieved? Are you constantly feeling exhausted? Do you wish you had another pair of hands? If this resonates with you, take heart, it is possible to be in control of how you feel each day.

As we become increasingly distracted by the noise and demands of our busy world we become less and less focused on what is really important. It’s a well known fact that when we focus on the things we love, we are happier, more fulfilled and more energetic? Yet many of us fall into the habit of leaving the things we really love doing until we’ve finished everything else. And that means we often never get to do the things we love most.

You can feel more energetic and fulfilled by creating regular space just for you. This is a counter-initiative for many women, as we often put everyone else’s needs before our own. But your needs are important too. You can’t be your best self if you never give your needs any priority. Prioritising yourself takes a little planning and may need a bit of a mind shift. So if you’re ready, grab a cup of tea, pen and notebook and find yourself a quiet spot to think and work through the steps below.

 What gets you buzzing?

The first step is to acknowledge what it is that always makes you feel wonderful. What is it that you love doing? What absorbs your attention and makes you feel refreshed and energised? It doesn’t matter whether it’s going for a run, reading a book, painting, telling a story, volunteering or rock climbing. Write it down and own it.

Visualise yourself in action.

Make the activity you’ve written down feel real by imaging yourself doing it now. Paint a picture in your mind or on paper and make it as vivid as possible. Tune into yourself and notice what happens when you are fully absorbed in the activity? What are you thinking and feeling? What are you seeing and hearing? What else is happening for you?

How much do you want this?

 Just how important is doing this activity for you? What will you get if you do it regularly? How will it benefit you? And how will it benefit other people in your life, your family, friends and colleagues? Create a list of all the benefits that come to mind.

Be accountable and create a new habit

Rome was not built in a day and new habits need time and practice to become permanent. Tell everyone who matters and ask for support. Whether you need help with the kids or in the office or want someone to hold you accountable, just ask.

Take action

Take action and do something now, there will never a better time. Change needs momentum and momentum can’t begin without action. Start doing something now that will restore and replenish your energy. Decide when or how often you would like to be doing your thing and put into your diary.

What do you do to replenish your energy, I’d love to hear. And if you’d like support on creating a focus for yourself, do get in touch. Creating a safe place for you think creatively is my speciality and something I love to do.


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