Jenny J Coaching - writing notes

Welcome to Jenny J Coaching

I’m passionate about helping each woman realise her own potential and discover the very best of herself.

I believe that every woman deserves to feel happy and fulfilled. And I believe that every woman has the ability to achieve professional and personal success.

Women today have more choice and greater independence than previous generations. And there are more women working, pursuing careers and running their own businesses. But women are also still largely the principal carers with added pressure and expectation, making work and home a difficult act to balance.

Women like you have a vital role to play in growing the economy. And with the right development and support, you can make a real difference for yourself, your family and your profession.

Through coaching I will help you develop your talent in a way that is authentic to you and best fits your life needs. I’ll help you clarify what you want, identify resources, develop strategies, build your strengths and grow your confidence to achieve it.

I have a holistic approach to coaching because I believe that every area of your life is related. So whatever the reason you seek coaching, we’ll go where you need to go to get the best results for yourself.

Whatever improvement you want to make, whether a healthier work-life balance, growing professionally or developing your business, do get in touch for a free initial consultation.