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My Story

I’m innately curious, I love books, people and discovering new things.  I’m a proud Mum of 3 and Granny to 4 very special little people. I’m inspired by nature and love walking in the countryside and nurturing my garden.

I grew up on a farm in Africa miles from anywhere with my sisters, a stock of well-thumbed books and a lively imagination to inspire our adventures.  At the age of 12, I left home for boarding school and began a lifelong journey of learning.

I began my career as a primary school teacher and became a full-time Mum when my first child was born. In the intervening years one child became three, I completed a degree by correspondence, opened my first business, expanded into a second and moved home several times. Then moved across the ocean to the UK where I returned to teaching.


Life was hectic and I was fairly good at keeping plates spinning and wheels turning. But it was exhausting and over time I became unwell. It slowly dawned on me that to experience something different, I had to make the changes. With the support of a coach, I identified better healthier ways to live and work and I developed strategies to keep myself on track.

Now a coach myself, I am privileged to help others become the best version of themselves. And I’m grateful for the opportunity I’ve had working with new and established leaders, developing their awareness and confidence to authentically engage the people they work with.

I truly understand how it feels to juggle multiple roles, manage expectations and cope with daily demands. I know how difficult it can be to make changes and terrifying it feels to step out of your comfort zone. If this resonates with you, contact me for a chat and discover how I can help.



“Coaching is more than a conversation; it’s a powerful collaboration that supports learning and facilitates change. ”
– Jenny Johnson

“My focus is helping more people develop confidence and achieve a healthy balance of work and life with less stress and greater fulfilment and joy.”

I truly understand how it feels to juggle multiple roles, manage expectations and cope with daily demands on time. And I know the impact this can have on your health, wellbeing and performance.

I am a professional coach with an extensive background in people development and a bucket load of real-life experience. Clients say that my calm, quiet approach and exceptional listening makes them feel safe and encourages fresh thinking and learning.

I’m passionate about learning and regularly attend supervision and training to keep my skills fresh. I enjoy a variety of interests that inspire and keep me grounded. I love to run and walk in the country, work in my garden and am an avid reader.

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