Guest blog by Aly King-Smith, MD of The Bird Table Group

‘Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the stage, alongside our SME brand, The Bird Table Tech: A specialist coaching consultancy with a full focus on women in technical roles and organisations. Boom!

I could really lose sleep over the lack of expert females in lead technical roles. We’re not just failing to recruit enough women into these jobs, we’re actually losing them faster than we can recruit. As a nation I mean. As a globe. It’s time we stepped up and did what we can to rattle that cage; To bring as much expert support and challenge to this arena as we can muster.

We’ve known all along that The Bird Table Coaching groups would work a treat in the corporate sector. And spending time last year working with the tech- force-of-nature that is the wonderful Dr Sue Black, I started to become very aware of what great executive coaching could deliver for women in tech roles.

I heard stories from the people I met, of women feeling the bite of imposter syndrome, struggling to handle interruptions (you know the gig – when the fellas talk louder and longer in meetings..and some say take credit for the big ideas..but you’d never hear me say that obvs..), wrestling with the problem of how to feel authentic as a leader, as a woman, without pretending to be somebody else, when everyone in sight is male.

Needing to find resilience; to juggle the multi-dimensions of female lives; to get better at building a network and find sponsors; to speak in public; to decide when to take a risk; to step up; to decide to be successful. All of those messages came out loud and clear, and all of those things can be transformationally developed by working with a great coach.

And so I started to build it. I went on the hunt for coaches who really really gave a damn about this too, and all along I wondered how the devil I would fit it all in on top of The Bird Table SME, for women business owners. Already I was at capacity, and we were starting to do really well, getting nominated for awards and helping women grow their businesses more quickly. But it’s not something I can leave alone. It’s too important.

Then a sprinkling of fairy dust. Over a glass (case) of wine, a friend put me in touch with Catherine Smith, whom she believed was the woman I needed. A Smith too, and no relation. What are the odds?.. And tadaaaaa. I found a smart, funny, commercial, brave, woman of integrity and Executive Coach, who wanted to jump in and build it too. So here we are. Ready. November 3rd 2015 is the launch day of The Bird Table Tech.

We decided to recruit the coaching team for 3 different things:

  1. A values match. All the coaches needed to fit 100% and to share our values: integrity, authenticity, collaboration, support, challenge, growth. Getting the balance between care and high performance is critical. This is not a fireside chat and the coaches must be effective.
  2. Great coaching experience, training, attitude, case studies and calibre. A depth of gravitas, and attitude. Ability to get through a selection process; good on their feet.
  3. Ability to manage professional client relationships to a high level. So clients can be dead certain they enjoy the process and are glad they chose to work with The Bird Table Tech.

At The Bird Table we have built a tight team of expert Executive Coaches, Facilitators and Business Owners who specialise in this sector. The Tech Coaching Team members have hundreds of hours of coaching and facilitation experience in this niche, and are very close to the issues that women are telling us they want to develop.

I look forward to telling you more about what we offer but I am aware of taking up too much of your time already. Bird Table Coaching groups, 1:1 Coaching and a focused suite of workshops, including our ever popular “Dealing With the TMAlphas ™ ”Thanks for reading this far and for sharing the exciting tale.

Please have a look at the website and tell the people you know who you think would be interested. We look forward to speaking to you.



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