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Hello I’m Jenny

A little about me…

I’m innately curious, I love books, people and discovering new ways of viewing the world.  I’m a proud Mum of 3 and Granny to 4 very special little people. I’m inspired by nature and feel at my most content walking through the countryside or tending to my garden. Being fit, healthy and happy is hugely important and I make time to exercise, eat well and nurture relationships. 

I grew up on a farm in Africa miles from anywhere with my sisters, a stock of well-thumbed books and a lively imagination to inspire our adventures.  At the age of 12, I left home for boarding school and began a life long journey of learning.

I began my career as a teacher with my first post being back home to my old primary school.  At the time, this didn’t match my heady dreams of travel and exploration but it turned out was the first important step. I met and married my husband and made my first cross border move.

I transitioned from teaching to full time motherhood after our first child was born. When my third baby was just 6 months old, I started studying by correspondence towards a degree. In the 9 years it took me to finish, I started my first business, expanded into a second and moved home twice. It seems I have a tendency to over commit and it took me years to realise and learn to manage it. I truly do understand what overwhelm feels like.

I went back to teaching after moving to the UK when my children were at school and I learnt the art of juggling motherhood, home and work. Teaching is a wonderful, rewarding but demanding profession and after 8 years and a couple of family crises, I was exhausted and unwell and I decided it was time to pause and rethink.

I was given the opportunity to be coached and for the first time I experienced the value of having time to think and identify better, healthier options for me and my family.  I decided to retrain as a coach and built up my experience slowly before moving into the business world as a leadership coach.

My experience has included 1-1 coaching, group coaching, team facilitation and training. I’ve worked with new and more experienced leaders, developing personal competencies and skills essential for engaging people and building great teams.

More recently I’ve been accredited as a Bird Table Coach and run a Bird Table Business Development group for women business owners.  This has given me great joy and I hope the women involved have learnt as much from me as I have from them.  I absolutely love the warmth, support and collaboration shared by women working together.

Jenny J Coaching has evolved from a real desire to support more women dealing with the sometimes overwhelming demands on their time and energy. And to help them discover their own authentic way to being the best they can be in their professional and personal lives.

What I bring to you with coaching

A calm, confidential and non-judgmental approach

Space to be yourself and think without interruption

Greater self-awareness with new insights and perspectives

Discovering your strengths and opportunities for growth

Challenge to change your limiting beliefs

Focus and direction with support and encouragement

Honesty, integrity, flexibility and genuine care for you as my client

My Qualifications

NLP Master Practitioner – Practitioner Coach – BA Psychology & English – Diploma in Education.

Please get in touch, I’d love to hear your story and see how I can support you.