How to Maintain Your Resilience

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Are you being your most resilient self?

I had reason to question my resilience recently when I became ill and I realised it wasn’t quite as robust as normal. I seldom get sick so was mildly irritated when I woke up one morning with a cold.

However, as time went on and it became obvious that I wasn’t getting better, I began to feel an array of emotions.  At first, I felt mildly cross with myself for not recovering quickly. Then I got frustrated and finally, as I became more unwell, I felt vulnerable and at times even emotional.

Have you ever questioned how resilient you actually are?

This was unfamiliar territory for me. With my normally strong resilience, I cope well with challenges and disappointments and am able to quickly find positive solutions to problems.  This time, I realised my resilience wasn’t quite as robust as usual and I was feeling overwhelmed.

Resilience, according to is ‘the ability to recover readily from illness, depression, adversity or the like’. However, resilience isn’t something you just happen to have. It develops with time and experience and requires regular maintenance to keep it in good shape.

Taking care of your self is fundamental to maintaining your resilience.

Taking care of your whole self is fundamental to maintaining your resilience. Unfortunately, this is something we often forget about and it becomes easy to neglect ourselves when we’re busy or short of time.

I am passionate about healthy eating and taking regular exercise and so I assumed I was practising enough self-care. But I wasn’t looking at the whole picture and I had missed the need to rest and restore. I just wasn’t giving myself enough time out of my busy schedule to recoup and restore my energy levels. It’s no surprise I got ill and then found it difficult to bounce back.

A healthy dose of self-awareness ensures we do the things that keep us strong and energised.

When I realised what I was doing or not doing in this case, I was able to take action and focus on getting some rest. And as my energy levels responded so my resilience strengthened.

I am now using every ounce of my resilience to say no to the things that are not going to serve me well or help me achieve my goals.  I know this will at times be challenging but I also know that my resilience now empowers and enables me to make healthier choices.

How is strong are you feeling right now?  Are you saying yes to things that restore and energise you?

Bolstering your resilience is much easier with support, so do tap into your network and ask for help when you need it. And if you want additional support, please get in touch with me, I’d be delighted to help you make the difference.


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