Developing leaders with powerful group coaching

Are the leaders in your business getting great results from the people they work with?

 The most important role of every leader is to develop others, encouraging them to achieve things they didn’t think were possible. This requires leaders to be good at communicating and developing relationships based on trust. Very few leaders come equipped with the skills they need to engage people, these attributes develop with learning and experience.

 Knowledge is readily available and easily transferred through training. However, knowledge alone doesn’t create the type of leaders we need today. Authentic leadership starts from within and the best leaders are those who understand and manage themselves so they can impact positively and engage people around them.

  Our dynamic group leadership programme, designed for workplace leaders focuses on practical learning and collaborative support. This proven methodology favours a coaching style of facilitation, encouraging participants to make small step changes in a real-life context. A cycle of practice and reflection develops and sustains new skills and habits

 Contact me to discuss how our dynamic coaching programme can help grow the leadership talent in your business. 

“Leadership is a way of thinking, a way of acting and, most importantly, a way of communicating.”

– Simon Sinek

Leadership Coaching

What’s Included

Free consultation meeting.

6 group sessions with blend of coaching, facilitating and training.

Tools, strategies & recommended reading to aid development.

Regular progress reviews with a sponsor.

Your Benefits

Developing leadership talent.

Increased individual confidence and competence.

Supportive networks and better sponsorship.

Talent retention and diversity

Improved staff wellbeing.


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